About us

Kolpino Pipe Plant или Kolpinsky Trubnyy Zavod (KTZ)

is a new brand among manufacturers of large diameter pipes. Modern plant was built in 2016 in industrial area Metallostroy in Kolpinskiy District of the city of Saint Petersburg.

Our history

thumb_dsc07548_1024 The project was implemented in severe economic conditions: first pile was driven at the height of crisis of the end of 2014. New utilities – electricity, gas and water pipelines were constructed. First stage of a plant was implemented in July 2016. It includes:
  • pipes manufacturing workshop – 4000 sq.m.,
  • office buildings – 400 sq.m.,
  • main laboratory – 250 sq.m.,
  • open warehouse areas equipped with gantry cranes and rails - 1,5 hectares


thumb_dsc07204_1024 Production line of the plant consists of equipment of German and Italian engineering companies who are major in pipe productions and special welding types. Plant produces steel electric-welded longitudinal pipes with outer diameter of 630 - 1420 mm, with standard length 12 m (available length is in range between 6 m and 12 m) without transverse seams with one or two longitudinal seams (for diameters of 1220 and 1420 mm and wall thickness in range between 8 and 16 mm, strength grade K43-K55, test pressure up to 12 MPa. Kolpino Pipe Plant produces pipes in accordance to State Standard 10706-76, State Standard 20295-85 and proprietary standard developed by process engineers of the plant taking into account structural features of large diameter pipes market. Since 2017 the plant will start around-the-clock work. There are built up and investment plans till the end of 2018, including:
  • pipe strips procurement workshop
  • workshop of pipepile manufacturing with length up to 32 m


Kolpino Pipe Plant (KTZ Ltd.) is a unique enterprise in north-west region of Russia according to equipment content and capabilities of orders fulfilment.
Design capacity is 30 thousand tons pipes per year.


thumb_dsc08091_1024 Kolpino Pipe Plant (KTZ) was established first of all in order to fulfill market needs of Saint Petersburg and North-West region. Strategic project of the company includes occupation of 80% of large diameter pipes market for construction and housing and communal services needs in North-West district. Availability of one’s own railway road, proximity to sea port and one’s own vehicle fleet allow us to supply our pipes to all regions of our country easily and conveniently.

Further development

thumb_dsc07147_1024 Our aim was to establish a modern, customer-oriented and cost-effective enterprise in accordance to highest Russian quality standards. We have reached this aim! Next development stage is extension of manufacturing and entry to the market of Eurasian alliance countries and European countries, certification of our products in accordance to their standards. In high competitive environment on the market is necessary to maintain price-quality proportion on a maximal level by means of continuous improvement of enterprise management work!
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